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Take care to learn about common interest community costs

Homeowners associations and condominium communities are popular choices for many residents of California. People who are considering buying into one of these common interest community options should become fully informed about the special features of this type of housing, which may involve periodic substantial increases in costs. Satisfied residents Residents in common interest communities were […]

IRS working group to review process for qualifying for REIT status

The IRS designates certain companies as qualifying for real estate investment trust status (REIT). REITs are essentially mutual funds that invest in commercial real estate, wherein individual investors earn a share of the income produced by this real estate without having to buy actual pieces of commercial property. Created in the 1960s, REITs were intended […]

Resolving disputes with a commercial landlord can require finesse

Smart Business magazine observes that commercial landlords are, generally, sophisticated, attentive and in business to rent commercial space. Their reputations are at stake and they typically desire to keep their tenants satisfied. Sometimes, however, disputes arise between a commercial tenant and its landlord. If the dispute cannot be resolved quickly and informally, a California commercial […]