LLC/Partnership Dispute Attorney: When the best-laid plans go awry…

Entering into a business relationship with others to start a new venture is an exciting time filled with hope and the promise of a more-profitable tomorrow.  In all the excitement, the participants often fail to adequately define how they will divide up ownership, responsibilities and liabilities if and when things go wrong.

When the worst does happen, few disputes can reach the level of rancor that can often be found in a business conflict between fellow owners and business partners. Such a serious business dispute requires a serious lawyer who is ready to fight, but who will also not hesitate to tell his own client that the client could be in the wrong, or that compromise is smarter than an all-out war.

We assist our clients in a wide variety of business ownership disputes, including:

  • Creditor claims against a partner’s ownership interest
  • Disputed corporate bylaws’ provisions
  • Conflicts between business partners and owners

We can advise you when to litigate and when it is not your best option. In doing so, we work diligently to provide our clients with settlement options that maximize their legal rights and benefits.

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