In real estate disputes a former insider can help fight big firm tactics

If you are a purchaser of real estate in California, there are a wide range of issues that can give rise to a legal dispute regarding your property. You may find yourself involved in a condo dispute, a commercial real estate issue or even a resort property litigation.

While the type of real estate involved in a dispute can certainly determine some of the legal nuances of a case, from the buyer’s end, a common theme that often runs through real estate disputes of any kind in California is dealing with “big firm” legal teams on the other side.

May try to deplete you through a siege, or rotate in new talent

Buyers of residential real estate in California are often individuals, families or small businesses. Sellers, on the other hand, are more likely to be large scale developers. When disputes arise, such as when the buyer claims the seller has failed to make a legally required disclosure, there may be an obvious imbalance of resources.

A large law firm representing the seller of residential real estate in California may attempt to exploit this imbalance to gain a tactical advantage. One method is to simply draw matters out as long as possible, hoping to exhaust your patience and the funds you have available to pay for legal costs. Larger firms are often more able to afford to wait it out and see what happens. While you might not give up entirely on a claim with a high probability of success just because of delay, you might be tempted to accept a lower settlement just to end things more quickly.

Big law firms may also play up their capital in human resources. A larger firm, representing big commercial sellers of residential real estate, has many attorneys working in many areas. Therefore, some of these lawyers are able to pursue more specialized focus areas. If one of a large firm’s lawyers is stumped by a legal challenge, that lawyer can tap the experience of other attorneys.

Get help from an attorney with big firm skills, but small firm price

How do you fight a large firm’s tactics in condo litigation or some other type of California business dispute? If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

You might not be able to retain a big firm, but you can retain a lawyer who knows big firm tactics from the inside out. An attorney who has spent time developing big firm skills but has since struck out as a maverick can give you the same services at cost effective rates that take the air out of big firm delay tactics. As a bonus, you are unlikely to ever receive the same level of personal service from an impersonal giant of a firm that you will receive from a small firm or solo practitioner.

If you are involved in a real estate dispute, don’t be daunted by the large legal team that has been assembled to oppose you. Throwing their weight around may be intimidating, but with the right legal help at your side, you just might prove that even today, David can take down Goliath.