Client Testimonials

“Don Chomiak is an Ironman. His relentless drive to excel in this, the ultimate test of fitness, stamina and determination is simply a reflection of how he approaches life—all in. As a former (and likely future) client of Don’s, I can honestly state that I have never encountered an attorney more capable, competent and communicative. He is skilled at every facet of the litigation process from crafting arguments to drafting motions to presenting and defending a case to settlement negotiations. Don is a skilled consensus builder and is tireless, trustworthy and tenacious. You want Don on your side of the table, and you’d better bring your “A Game” if you’re matched up against him.

If I am ever again involved in a legal dispute, Don’s number will be the first one I call.”

Bill Schlough
Senior Vice President & CIO
2012 & 2014 World Champion San Francisco Giants

I own three retail stores in Santa Monica.  When I got blindsided and sued by someone I trusted in connection with my business, Don was there to protect my interests.  Through the discovery process in the lawsuit, Don was able to undermine the other side’s position to the point where they had no option but to settle the case.  Don kept me informed so I knew what was happening in the case and what to expect in advance of each development.  I could not have asked for a better lawyer.

Brooke Rodd, Santa Monica, CA

From 2016 through the end of 2018, Don represented us and five of our siblings as we navigated a dispute concerning the ownership and disposition of a $22 million hotel property and a house.  Don assisted us in reaching a resolution without a fight and allowed us to avoid the time and expense of litigation.  He puts his clients’ interests first and is a very good communicator, which helped a great deal in keeping all of our siblings informed during the course of the representation.  We recommend him without hesitation.  If you need an excellent lawyer who will put your interests first, this is the guy.

Art and Tony Vasquez, Los Angeles, CA.

“Don represented me and others in a complex real estate litigation against multi-billion dollar entities defended by sophisticated, big firm attorneys. The legal arguments in the case drew on federal court decisions from all over the country and concerned claims raised under the Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act. Don did an amazing job of crafting the briefs and making the winning oral arguments in key motions that brought the other side to the table while managing the expectations of 42 individual plaintiffs. He has the skill set, drive and poise you want in an attorney when the stakes are high.”

Alex Lukianov,
CEO, NuVasive, Inc.
San Diego, CA

“We had the good fortune to have Don as a lead plantiff’s attorney on a very complex and contentious litigation. Throughout the arduous process, Don demonstrated a keen, nimble legal mind, a tenacious willingness to battle on our behalf, and an untiring attention to detail that the case demanded…and for which we were both impressed and grateful.”

Patrick & Jill Sherwood
Tiburon, CA

“When working with an attorney, one factor that is often overlooked is how the attorney interacts with his clients, especially when things get intense. Don Chomiak is great to work with. He puts himself in his clients’ shoes and anticipates when they will need the most support. He kept me and my co-plaintiffs fully informed on what was happening in the case and always made himself available when I had questions. He’s knowledgeable, organized, diligent, and got the best result possible. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a very good attorney.”

Dr. Peter P. Lee, M.D.
San Marino, CA

“When I unexpectedly found myself in a real property/personal injury/toxic tort dispute with the former tenant in my Malibu beach house because of a foundation-level water leak, it was critically important that I select the right counsel. I wanted representation that had “big firm” expertise and experience, but I was concerned about the cost of a big law firm, and also that my matter would be delegated to a junior attorney. These concerns steered me away from a traditional, multi-layered law firm.

I hired Don Chomiak of Talisman Law and it was an excellent choice. Don protected me from the opportunistic adversaries by providing aggressive representation which was supported by his superior knowledge of my rights and claims. Don was able to settle the legal dispute, and extracted a settlement clearly in my favor. The resolution without litigation was possible because Don made it clear to the other side that we were prepared to go to court and present a winning case.”

Mona Loo
Malibu, CA

“Don represented me in a very complicated case against parties that one could consider “Goliath.” Our case involved multiple entities and crossed borders into Canada. He never backed down or feared discovery requests that were voluminous to say the least from large law firms. He kept us calm and worked countless hours fighting for us. I would most certainly recommend Don to anyone who is looking for his degree of expertise. He is honest, hardworking, extremely technical, and always puts his client’s best interests first.”

Anil L. Patel,
Napa, CA

“Don Chomiak is, without hesitation, an extraordinary real estate litigation attorney. He is professional, diligent, knowledgeable, extremely client-focused and well-versed in real estate matters. Having been in the room at the time, I can tell you that Don’s outstanding oral presentation and legal writing skills were the difference in my case reaching a satisfactory settlement. His patience and caring attitude makes his clients feel valued and respected. Dealing with real estate matters can be a stressful situation, especially when large sums of money were lost in market value and fees for many owners. Yet with Don steering the course, the process was seamless, considerate and rewarding. My experience in working with Don has been one of enormous satisfaction and I would highly recommend him as your attorney.”

Jean Banko
San Francisco, CA

“Dear Don,

I would like to thank you for your hard work and dedication in representing us in this very complicated case. There was a tremendous amount of work done on your part to get us to the final settlement agreement. This could not have been accomplished without your hours of research, your experience, and your great attitude. You were ready for any roadblock the other side put in front of you. They tried to bury us and they failed. As a last resort, you were also ready for trial and they knew it. We could not have accomplished this result without you.

Thanks again for your professionalism and Great Job!”

John T. Vereuck
Mammoth Lakes, CA

“In 34 years of business, I’ve used a great many attorneys for all different ventures and projects. I have never experienced a better lawyer than Don. In my case, he had a very difficult opponent who had more money to throw around than we did. Despite this fact, Don was able to use the facts and the law to the best advantage, which culminated in a great result for me and my co-plaintiffs. During the litigation, he kept all of us abreast of the situation, and it wasn’t easy since we were a set of ten different clients who all had different agendas. To Don’s credit, he kept every one of us happy, promptly dealing with any concerns that came up morning and night. He is a total professional. If you need a lawyer, do not even think about it. Hire Don immediately.

Feel free to contact me.”

Bill Zanker
President and Founder
The Learning Annex

“Don is an exceptional attorney. He is very proactive regarding communication with his clients. Don is not intimidated by large/powerful corporations. He is an excellent litigator and Don is very passionate about his cases. If you have been “wronged”, Don Chomiak is the attorney you want on your side in legal representation.”

Doug Messner
Karen Caruso
Saint Charles, IL

“I would highly recommend Don Chomiak to anyone needing legal assistance. Don represented me in a residential real estate dispute involving construction defects and disclosure issues. I am sure mine wasn’t the biggest case he was handling, but he was easily accessible and always quickly responded to inquiries. Most importantly, he proved to be extremely thorough and knowledgeable. He exceeded my expectations and has continued keep me informed about the progress of the case long after my involvement ended. He made me feel confident during an extremely stressful time.”

Dr. Jeffrey Spychalski, M.D.
Los Angeles, CA

“I had the opportunity to become acquainted with Don while involved in a very tough real estate case. While the situation itself was complicated, lengthy and very stressful, I found Don’s work ethic outstanding and his attention to detail exemplary. His knowledge and energy were essential in driving the case to a successful conclusion. He is a relentless advocate for his clients and not intimidated by the opposition. I hope I never will need to go through this again, but if I do, I know who to call. Don has the knowledge, stamina and focus to succeed and I recommend him without hesitation.”

Heli Sairanen-Kangas
Napa, CA


Over the course of two years of litigation, fueled by some very intelligent research and discovery, and your knowing exactly when to be aggressive, you brought our case to the best settlement any member of our plaintiffs’ group could have imagined. Thank you for this success, and wishing you many more.”

William Moore
Napa CA