Santa Monica Business Fraud Attorney

Clients of ours who have been defrauded by unscrupulous business partners turn to our firm for aggressive and knowledgeable representation. We work diligently with our clients to protect their rights and to recover their losses to the extent possible against the defrauding parties.

Fighting business fraud requires representation from a firm that understands how to exhaustively investigate the facts of a case and how to apply the law to those facts in a way that is both efficient and effective. Talisman Law has this understanding. As a firm, we draw on the big firm experience held by our founder, attorney Don Chomiak. Mr. Chomiak has practiced “big firm” law in both New York and Los Angeles. And as a former Navy pilot, he understands how to perform in high-pressure, high-stakes situations.

Embezzlement Lawyer: Beverly Hills And All Nearby Communities

Our firm has protected clients who have been victimized by a number of different fraudulent schemes. We have assisted people who have been defrauded with respect to real estate deals and business arrangements. The complaints filed have raised claims including:

  • Luxury condominium livable-space misrepresentations
  • Developer nondisclosure of bonds encumbering real estate and resulting tax obligations
  • Embezzlement of investment funds
  • Old-fashioned fraud

We work diligently on behalf of our clients to protect their rights and to prevent them from getting overwhelmed by large firm sharp practices during fraud litigation. We understand how the law works, not just in the books, but in the real world, too. As a result, we know how to litigate our cases effectively no matter what big firm is on the other side.

Santa Monica, California, Business Fraud Lawyer: Serving Entire Region

Schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced fraud litigation lawyer serving Santa Monica and its surrounding areas by calling our firm today: (310) 917-1027. You can also reach us online to make an appointment. All communications between our firm and any potential client remain confidential.