Santa Monica Real Estate Broker Lawyer

In today’s real estate market place, more and more of our firm’s clients are forced to protect their rights against the actions of real estate brokers. Even though under California law the seller’s broker owes allegiance to the seller (not to you), the seller’s broker is still obligated under the law to disclose certain material matters to you, the buyer, so you can make an informed decision about your purchase. Otherwise, the broker is just as liable as the seller for any misrepresentation or failure to disclose material information.

California Real Estate Broker Attorney: Santa Monica Region And Beyond

At Talisman Law, we help protect our clients’ rights when it comes to broker misrepresentations and disclosure failures. When our clients come to us concerned that they will have to face a large firm with deep resources, we gladly reassure our clients that we know how to handle large firms.

Our founding attorney, Don Chomiak, comes from a background in which he has practiced at large firms in both New York and Los Angeles. As a former Navy pilot, Mr. Chomiak has the confidence and poise necessary to overcome staunch opposition.

We know how to fend off large firm sharp practices sometimes encountered during discovery and document production phases of litigation. We also have the experience necessary to intelligently advice our clients as to when their best legal options are found in settlement and negotiation rather than in litigation.

We assist clients in a wide variety of high-stakes real estate broker disputes, including:

  • ILSA (the Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act)
  • Developer/broker misrepresentations, including misrepresentations regarding available livable space
  • Luxury condominium and resort nondisclosures

Broker Litigation Attorney: Beverly Hills Lawyer Serving The Entire Area

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