Santa Monica Banking Dispute Lawyer

Being involved in a banking dispute means you are going to be facing a large law firm. In that case, you need a firm that is sized for you and equipped to do battle with these large law firms within a litigation budget tailored to your needs.

Talisman Law has purposely structured its firm to provide exactly this type of legal service. Our founder, attorney Don Chomiak, learned to practice while working in big firms in New York and in Los Angeles. He knows how the large firms work.

He also knows how to provide you with the level of service your banking dispute needs to prevail against these large firms. As a result, our firm truly provides large firm service at small firm rates.

What’s more, we bring the level of focus and determination that your case requires. As a former Navy pilot, he has the confidence, poise and tenacity needed to pursue justice on his client’s behalf.

Banking Litigation Attorney: Beverly Hills Area And More

At Talisman Law, we have an established practice of assisting clients in disputes with banks regarding a broad variety of matters, including:

  • Secondary mortgage transactions
  • Loan fraud
  • Faulty deals
  • Warehouse lending

In resolving these matters for our clients, we have the experience needed to judge when litigation is the best avenue by which to protect our clients’ rights and when negotiating out-of-court settlements best serve our clients. Whatever avenue our client chooses, we understand how to do battle with large law firms and protect our clients from any “big firm” sharp practices sometimes encountered in discovery.

Bank Dispute Attorney: Santa Monica And Surrounding Communities

Schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced banking dispute lawyer serving Santa Monica, California, and its surrounding areas by calling our firm today: (310) 917-1027. You can also reach us online to make an appointment. All communications between our firm and any potential client remain confidential.